Summer Sales Event

Introducing our New Sermon Designs

Our new sermon designs have been created to make it easy for you to create Sermon point.  These designs come in three options, the first with title and verse, second with title only and the third blank so that you can add your own titles.  Available in Jpeg and PowerPoint formats for optimal use.  The [...]

New Favorite Section Added

Our best photographs have been added to our new Favorites Section.   For the next few days the prices in the section have been lowered from $3.00 to $1.49, for projector size.  So be sure to check it out today in order to take advantage of the new content at low prices.

Free Backgrounds this Christmas

Projector Alignment

Do you ever get the feeling when you look at the projected image that you are missing something? It might not be just a feeling; your projector could be clipping some of the image. Your projector may need to be aligned; it’s fairly easy to align a projector using our free template in jpeg and [...]

The Power of the Projected

We often describe the use of digital projectors in church as a tool. Some would liken it to a hammer, a basic tool that is integral in constructing the worship service. You take your basic service elements: the worship set, prayer time, teaching, special events, etc.- and whack them into place. One flowing into the [...]

Digital Projectors in Church

Over the last few years, the increase in the number of churches using digital projectors to display worship music, sermon outlines or video clips has been staggering. In an effort to improve visual quality, churches have successfully begun making the transition from overheads to digital projectors. This is an excellent application of this new technology [...]

Computer Required for a Projector

Selecting the right computer to run your projector system is one of the most important projector-related decision you will have to make. While projectors are very stable, and the lamps used in these projectors will last for many years under normal church usage, a cheap computer can add a myriad of problems (imagine your computer crashing [...]