EasyWorship Basics, Part 1: The Interface

EasyWorship is just that [EASY!], as with any software, there is an element of learning involved. While this particular program can be taught in a matter of moments, there are still lots of tips and tricks that can be learned in order to master its use and get the most out of it. For the [...]

PowerPoint for Worship 101

Getting started using PowerPoint for worship can be an intimidating thing- especially if you are technologically challenged! So here you go- the very basic commands you’ll need to set up your worship or sermon presentation- and where you’ll find them. It couldn’t get any easier!

Digital Projectors in Church

Over the last few years, the increase in the number of churches using digital projectors to display worship music, sermon outlines or video clips has been staggering. In an effort to improve visual quality, churches have successfully begun making the transition from overheads to digital projectors. This is an excellent application of this new technology [...]

PowerPoint in Church Made Easy

Are you spending more than five minutes a week setting up PowerPoint for Worship? PowerPoint is very popular among churches; in a recent survey 91% of churches use PowerPoint, with 56% using PowerPoint for Worship. With this many churches using PowerPoint for Worship it’s surprising how few are using it efficiently.

Dual Screen Setup for PowerPoint

One of the things I can’t stand is sitting in a Sunday service watching a projector screen displaying a Windows desktop, and a mouse cursor franticly flying around clicking on things. I was once at a large church of over 800 members and saw this show 3 times; I couldn’t help but wonder how many [...]

Entering Song Files in PowerPoint

We recommend that you save all your songs as separate files. This will allow you to compile your worship set for each service by inserting individual song files. Treat each song as a masterpiece- you only need to create it once, so create it in such a way that you can use it for many [...]

Creating a PowerPoint Worship Schedule

Setting up your song list in a clean and organized fashion makes it easy to move around without sending the wrong things to the screen. During the service there is not a lot of time to react if things do not go as you expected.

How to use a PowerPoint Worship Schedule

During the service it is a simple process of moving up and down through your song list to display the songs on the screen. You will see the outline view shown below while your congregation sees the slide show.

Computer Required for a Projector

Selecting the right computer to run your projector system is one of the most important projector-related decision you will have to make. While projectors are very stable, and the lamps used in these projectors will last for many years under normal church usage, a cheap computer can add a myriad of problems (imagine your computer crashing [...]