Adding Motion Backgrounds to EasyWorship

There are some wonderful motion backgrounds that add extra visual emphasis to projector presentations and worship songs.  This tutorial will teach you how to add motion backgrounds to your BackGrounds Database.

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Click on the backgrounds button.

Step 2 of 9


Click on the options button

Step 3 of 9


Click on the add button

Step 4 of 9


Click on the Video Tab

Step 5 of 9


Click on the select video button

Step 6 of 9


Using the browser, choose a video image (browse steps similar to powerpoint-04-04) and click Open.

Note: EasyWorship will only work with mpeg1 files when used as backgrounds for text overlay.

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Click ok to close the fill effects window.

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Click OK to close the BackGround Options window.

Note: motion backgrounds are shown with film along the edges, still backgrounds without.

Step 9 of 9


Click on the Go Live button to apply changes to the video projector.

Note: For backgrounds that can be used with EasyWorship, click here.

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